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KLONDIKE SOLITAIRE  -- This is the most popular of all solitaire games. It's so popular that some people just call it "Solitaire". It's sometimes also referred to as "Windows Solitaire", because all versions of Windows have come with this game. Another common name for the game is "Classic Solitaire."
DOUBLE KLONDIKE SOLITAIRE  -- This game is basically the same game as Klondike Solitaire, except that it is played with 2 card decks, and there are 9 Tableau piles instead of 7. I find it to be a little easier to win than Klondike.
EARTHQUAKE SOLITAIRE  -- There you were at home having a nice, relaxing game of Klondike Solitaire. Then the earthquakes started...
FORTY THIEVES SOLITAIRE  -- The game is called Forty Thieves because there are 10 Tableau piles of 4 cards each. This is a difficult game to win, and you have to have a lucky shuffling of the cards in order to stand a chance of winning. I find the game to be more fun to play if you use the cheat "Block Drag >> Any Block". Even though the cheat makes it a lot easier to win, the game still requires thought and a lot of manipulating of the Tableau piles to have a chance of winning. Because of the extra thought and manipulation of the cards, I find it requires more skill than playing without cheats. So you can play by the regular rules and seldom win, or you can use the "Block Drag >> Any Block" cheat and have a good chance of winning if you're skillful.
LIMITED SOLITAIRE  -- This is a variation of Forty Thieves and has the same rules, but in this game there are 12 Tableau piles with 3 cards in each pile. The game is still challenging to win without using cheats, but you still have a decent chance of winning a particular game, unlike Forty Thieves which requires a lucky shuffling of the deck.
LUCAS SOLITAIRE  -- This is another variation of Forty Thieves. In this game there are 13 Tableau piles with 3 cards in each pile. In addition, the game is started with all 8 ACES already placed in the Foundation piles. This game is pretty easy to win without using any cheats if you plan your moves well. However, if sometime you're just wanting to play a relaxing game without having to think about which are the best moves to make, play this game with the cheat "Block Drag >> If In Order". You should still be able to win the game without having to think, but there is still a lot of moving around of cards, which makes you feel like you've accomplished something.
EAGLE WING SOLITAIRE  -- (a.k.a. "Thirteen Down Solitaire"). You've got to at least try this game! I enjoy playing this game the most. There's a good chance of winning without feeling like it's too easy. Also there's more variety in the individual games, because the Foundation piles start with a different rank of card in each new game.
CARPET SOLITAIRE  -- A fun game that's easy to win. The main challenge in this game is figuring out which cards are best to move to the empty Tableau piles. It would really help in winning if you're psychic and can know which cards in the Stock pile are coming up. If you're not psychic, you can use the "Pile Peeking" cheat and see the order of the cards in the Stock pile, but the game is pretty easy to win without cheating.

You Can't Cheat At Solitaire

It's my opinion that it's not possible to cheat at solitaire. Why? After some thought, I think that cheating requires three things : You have to be competing against someone else, you have to break the agreed-upon rules, and your breaking of the agreed-upon rules must give you an advantage in beating that someone else.

Let's consider rules first. When people play each other in some card game, they can change the rules of that game if everyone agrees to the changes. For example, some people will play a game, and in order to add more interest to the game, they will declare that "jokers are wild," and a person holding a joker can choose that joker to be equivalent to any card they want. Is that cheating? After all, they did break the normal rules of that game. No it's not cheating, because everyone agreed that "jokers were wild," and that became part of the rules when they were playing. Similarly, when you're playing Solitaire, you can agree with yourself to change the rules in any way you want. It can be argued that if you change the rules, then you're playing a different solitaire game. But if it's a small change, really it's still the same game. (Look at all the times the NFL has changed the rules for football. They still call it football though.) Let's take the game "Klondike". If the only change you make to the rules is to allow any card to be placed on empty Tableau piles (you can do that on my site), it's still Klondike. It's not really a different game. So in my opinion this already shows that you can't cheat at solitaire.

The other two requirements for cheating are also not met : when you play solitaire you're not competing against someone else, and there's no advantage gained in breaking the rules, because you can't have an advantage over yourself.

So in summary, you can choose any rules you want because everyone involved (just you) has agreed upon the new rules, you're not competing against someone else, and you can't gain an advantage over yourself.

However having said all of the above, there is one situation where you can cheat at solitaire. If you're competing against a friend to see who can be the first to beat some solitaire game (for example, "Forty Thieves"), and he plays on a site where there are no options to change the rules, and you play on my site where you can change some of the rules, then you have an unfair advantage over him, and that's cheating. However, if you both play on my site, and you agree that you can change any of the rules the site allows, then that's not cheating. But typically when you play solitaire, you're not in any way competing against someone, and so there's no such thing as cheating at solitaire.

This discussion raises a question, "If you can't cheat at solitaire, then why did you name your site CheaterSolitaire?" I named my site "CheaterSolitaire" for two reasons. I wanted to give the site a name that indicated that the solitaire games would have several options to change the gameplay. Obviously if you're going to cheat, then there has to be game options that enable you to do so. The other reason is that I wanted an easy to remember name. I think CheaterSolitaire is an easy name to remember. I could have called the site, "". LOL!

Note : This is just my opinion about cheating at Solitaire. You may have an entirely different opinion, and your opinion is just as valid as mine.

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